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Grad Cap Contest

Need some inspiration? Past entries:

Mortarboard decorated by a student teacher with the names of her students in different colors.
Mortarboard decorated with red flowers and gemstones and says Danger Graduate.
Mortarboard decorated like a mosaic and the words Busted Mine to Rehab Yours.
A decorated mortarboard with red and white stripes and illustrations of the graduate's favorite things in the numbers "21."
A knitted square covering the entire mortarboard top, reading "IUPUI 2021, lambda pi eta, honors" in red, white, and black yarn.
A stars-and-stripes-themed mortarboard, decorated by a U.S. Air Force member and IU graduate
A mortarboard configured like a circuit board, with the message "2021 grad" in illuminated wire powered by D batteries
A decorated mortarboard with an image of a brain cut out letters saying "Got my thinking cap on."
A pearl-encrusted mortarboard reading " I'm fifty-eight! It's never too late to graduate"

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