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Commencement celebrations at the regional education centers

2024 Graduation Cap Contest for All Campuses

Check back in the spring for more details.

Two young women graduating from Purdue schools and IU schools of IUPUI smile for the cameras at IUPUI's outdoor spring commencement.
A wide shot of the stands at IUPUC commencement
A baby, being held by an adoring woman, tries on an IU Fort Wayne graduate's mortarboard.
A young IUB graduate in the midst of a crowd tries to talk on the phone
A close-up of a cell phone with three young female graduates in frame
A young IU East male graduate wearing diamond studs and graduation attire gazes hopefully upward.
An IU Southeast graduate with her support dog, a golden labrador retreiver.
A young woman wears a decorated mortarboard with the colors of the US and Mexican flags and text saying "first generation"
A young IU Northwest graduate hugs one of her relatives at Commencement
IU President Pamela Whitten in her formal regalia of doctoral gown and the university Jewel, speaking  at a lectern.

Our Indiana University graduates are ready to take on the world’s greatest opportunities and challenges and lead us into the future. We are proud they are members of our IU family.

IU President Pamela Whitten